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< span style ="font-size: 13px"> & nbsp; & nbsp; < strong > < span style ="color: ff0000"> & Nbsp; Kunming Lizan Hat General Manufacturer, good quality, affordable price, factory treasure, no middleman, fast customization, good style, a variety of materials, complete color, adults and children can wear, regardless of men and women, no middleman, you buy is earned. Advertising hats are widely used in schools, hospitals, companies, real estate, construction sites, mobile phone shops, coffee shops, etc. They can be customized to print and design your favorite words and pictures according to your own preferences.

advertising cap has a long service life and can be used for long-term advertising campaign for enterprises, which is a reliable advertising mode. & nbsp;
span style="font-size:13px"> Advertising cap customization, can print your creativity, patterns on the surface of the cap, can print front, back, side, vivid and clear images, never fade, is the best gift for relatives and friends, Festival celebrations, advertising promotion. There are many kinds of hats, such as wind snow cap, rain cap, sun cap, safety cap, dust cap, sleeping cap, work cap, travel cap, top hat, etc. According to the use, there are male cap, female cap, child cap, minority cap, couple cap cap, cowboy cap, sailor cap, army cap, police cap, professional cap, etc. There are leather caps, felt caps, woolen caps, long fur caps, velvet caps, straw caps, bamboo hat, etc. According to the style characteristics, there are Beret caps, duck tongue caps, bell caps, triangular pointed caps, forward caps, youth caps, shawls caps, rimless female caps, Longjiang caps, Beijing caps, Shanxi caps, cotton ear caps, octagonal caps, melon skin caps, tiger caps and so on. Spring and Autumn Travel caps, mostly made of twill fabric, with streamlined arc-shaped crown, decorated with contrasting color decorative lines, long eaves. <<<

style="margin-top: 4px; margin-bottom: 4px; margin-bottom: 4px; margin-left: 0">according to specific requirements can be roughly divided into cotton, polyester, T\CCVC, nylon, leather, velvet, grass, PVC style= "font-size: 13px">, nonwoven fabric, paper. Tall women shouldn't wear high barrel caps, otherwise it gives people the feeling that < span style= "font-size: 13px"> and < span style= "font-size: 13px"; font-family: Arial, sans-serif> < span> < span= "font-size: 13px"> is taller. <<<<



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