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Shanghai Guchuan Garment Co., Ltd.

YKK zipper is the largest and most professional zipper manufacturer in the world.

YKK resin zipper is also known as injection zipper or gum tooth zipper.

YKK resin zipper has open-end and closed-end, with specifications of No.3, No.4, No.5 and No.8.

YKK resin zipper can be matched with any color according to customer's needs, the same is YKK free color matching services for member customers.

YKK resin zipper's zipper has the effect of spray paint, imitation metal and electroplating metal.

YKK resin zipper fully meets and exceeds the most stringent European environmental standards in the world.

< span style= "white-space: nowrap;"> Services include: & nbsp;

< p> < span style= "white-space: nowrap;"> 1. Provide YKK zippers in all styles, including nylon, resin and metal series.

2.Customize special zippers and zippers to meet customers'requirements for special dyeing and electrical processing of zippers.

3.RC series of zippers for box and parcel code (YKK Group for Chinese box and bag manufacturers launched a variety of cheap and high-quality zippers).

4. Order YKK color card for domestic garment enterprises.

Thanks to the support and trust of the vast number of businessmen, with rich experience and strong strength, the company actively develops branches and sales outlets in major cities of China, and works with colleagues from all walks of life to create a better future.

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