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Guangzhou Fangning Garment Co., Ltd. specializes in four stitches and six threads of garment processing. Four stitches and six threads of seamless yoga clothes, tights, riding clothes, multi-functional fitness clothes, quick-drying clothes, diving clothes, swimsuits and swimsuits are our specialties. At the same time, the enterprise from the elastic fabric, needle and thread, equipment, professional and technical workers to start training, through the yoga clothing, tights, fitness clothing industry chain, we can provide OEM processing, incoming material processing, contracting materials and other businesses.

    the factory promises 3 days proofing, 100 pieces can be customized production. You can provide 50 thousand general bills per month, which is the gospel of size orders.

    refuse imitation counterfeiting and reject inferior defective products. What we can do abroad can be done by Chinese people.

< p > & nbsp; nbsp; as for the quality and price issues we are most concerned about, we welcome major brands, online stores, wholesalers throughout the country after price comparison, you can come to visit our factory, talk about cooperation. Is factory price only known by comparison?

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