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P > & nbsp; four needles and six threads are special machines and equipment used in knitting apparel industry, which are especially popular in China in recent years. They are mainly used in outdoor sports industry. Because of their high elasticity, flat and high strength seaming effect, they are more and more popular. But at the same time, because of their technology, investment and other aspects, the factory of four needles and six threads is very popular. Less, so many businessmen want to worry, want to find four needles and six lines of clothing processing in Beijing is not easy. Generally, small factories will not have four needles and six lines of special equipment, because the investment is large, maintenance is difficult, need to be familiar with the manual operation, in order to use the advantages of four needles and six lines of machine! Beijing Maoyang Garment Co., Ltd. is devoted to research, overcome the technical difficulties and maintain high quality, because the market is not short of products, but the lack of products to maintain good quality.

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