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brand positioning

brand women's apparel art language, writing innovative brand ladies dress culture. Your ladies with draping + plane, original + fashion + classic; personality; anti Yang, to control, collecting and releasing degree, suitable for different size target groups. The combination of delicacy and conciseness can be simple, abandon all superfluous details, be concise and perfect, design sense is generated by heart, and cloth should not be textured, but texture is very important. The design pays attention to the detail change and the whole collocation, implicative and unpublicized, highlighting the unique temperament and personality of urban women in the new era

brand discount dress collocation skill about what people wear belly skirt, you will


fluffy half dress

this skirt on his stomach girl simply is the artifact, loose skirt to the maximum extent possible to cover your belly fat, do not see the slightest traces, tighten the waist can show your waist curve, so you can stretch the whole body proportions, so this kind of skirt the belly for girls can not miss Oh!

clothing collocation techniques on the world people what to wear skirt, Xiaobian for you to offer dressing skills:

    loose dress

this dress can not only cover the belly, even if you have chest waist, thigh fat, also be nothing difficult, loose dress through can perfect for your body all the disadvantages but also can appear very petite and age, so there is little belly of the girls must prepare such a dress for myself.

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