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/ cap material has two major categories: main material and auxiliary material. Is the main ingredient of fur (Qiu Pi), "font-family: style= combed wool;" > , style= leather , artificial leather, plush, cotton, silk, chemical fiber fabric, mesh cloth, wool, wool, blankets plant fiber, plastic, metal, etc.. The accessories include resin lining, non-woven fabric polyurethane foam composite

indicating the mark of the cap size. Chinese according to the nationwide sample survey of adults head length, head width, head circumference data, the calculation formulation of head series. According to this series, add the 1cm circumference allowance, become adult hat number, generally divided into 3 types, medium size, large number, large number. As the spring autumn wear dome cap, forward m is 51 ~ 54cm, 55 ~ 60cm is large, large number is more than 61cm; the skin in winter balaclavas m is 53 ~ 55cm, 56 ~ 61cm is large, large number of more than 62cm. bonnet; ">, baby hat etc. there is no unified regulation.


Travel worn hat. The style is varied. Summer travel cap, the front brim is colored plastic film, "

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