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was originally hunting when the peaked cap hat, because of its flat such as duck tongue brim, it peaked cap. Many designers in the design of the movement has exotic clothing series are used to love peaked cap collocation. Wearing a peaked cap way, most orthodox is wearing. However, the duck tongue is skewed to the side of the head, or the duck's tongue is wearing the back of the brain, revealing the full forehead, and it is also beautiful and lovely.

peaked cap characteristics is flat and with the crown, commonly known as caps. From the brim two inches to four inches, the width is different.

peaked cap weave

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hat has the effect of sunshade, decoration, increase gentle protection and so on. Therefore, there are many kinds, and the choice is also exquisite. First, choose the right hat according to the face type. Second, you should choose the hat according to your own figure. Wearing a hat and wearing a dress should be as long as possible. The form and color of the hat must be matched with the dress and so on.


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