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          I factory is a professional production of advertising T-shirt manufacturer, the company has advanced production equipment and experienced production management team, and strong the design ability, carefully for you to create a cost-effective advertising T-shirt, the company will need uniform clothing T-shirt, T-shirt and a variety of problems in activities.  

  I factory main products are:

Kunming angaoshan style= font-size:19px; font-family:SimSun Dali, Chuxiong: guaggu > T Baoshan shirt, overalls, uniforms, all Kunming Lijiang short sleeved cotton T shirt, "font-size:1 style= T shirts, knitted T shirt, Yuxi advertising" >T< shirt, red gift" font-size:19px ">T, T-shirt; Qujing T-shirt culture, Jinghong T shirt, plain weave T shirt, Lincang advertising T-shirt, advertising shirt wholesale, Nu River Custom T-Shirt, advertising shirt production manufacturers, excellent price of advertising Sweater, T-shirt, sweater, memorial memorial pictures advertising clothes, shirts, advertising shirts wholesale....

  the company customer first honesty, the spirit of "quality first, the credibility of" business philosophy, focus on apparel development, design, production and sales of "high output, convenient service, refinement of the attitude" is our success, and we have been respected by the industry standard   business purpose: casting brand with honesty, sincere friends, win the market with affordable, development cooperation, for example Chinese the generation of action achievements!  



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