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is a shadow fashion group's strong product, a second tier city store layout, for the high-end consumers. The product has exquisite workmanship, adopts high-grade raw materials, and tailor the unique style for oriental people. The unique style brings infinite joy to women.

" font-family: Arial "> Shenzhen high-end designer brands, spring and summer

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> /118 /; line-height:150%; background:rgb (255255255)" > Guangzhou Lijia Ming Hao Garment Co. Ltd. multibrand many styles In order to meet the consumer's demand for new demand, the product strategy of multi category and fast update is made. The company promotes thousands of styles every season, including suits, cotton padded clothes, down garments, windbreaker, coats, sweaters, T-shirts, dresses, trousers, Western-style clothes and so on. All kinds of products can be changed weekly. With the famous brand, good quality and low price, it adds a good place to the "beautiful" consumer. In line with "excess value of goods, ultra low price" for business purposes, to "you make money, I develop" as the business philosophy. The implementation of a unified image, unified management, unified distribution, unified advertising chain business model for different markets and take direct, joint venture, distribution and other operations, to allow customers to easily operate, easy profit, to create a comprehensive terminal market competit

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