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Where is the spring new brand of new brand women's clothing discount outlets where good? Attention degree:Zero

brand introduction

Yi sleeves change the norm, pay attention to advance, desire to change and develop, enterprises and employees are quietly changing.

for a long time, Hangzhou women's clothing was in a chaotic state of chaos for a long time. They all had almost the same merchant faces. They looked orderly and logical, but few miraculous sparks appeared. They wanted to be sparks.

Iran's desire to change his attitude has formed an innovative culture. It is the power of this culture that made Yi sleeve have the determination and courage to break the current situation. He insisted on the brand's own characteristics and styles, and looked at the future development trend of clothing in a broader perspective at the same time. A huge amount of money is invested in the standard 5S management of the production workshop.

Yi sleeve people advance, ambition, ability, willing to lead the Yi sleeve customers together forward, brave to create the future!

product style and age positioning

Yi sleeve dress with simple, fashionable, elegant, intellectual style, to create 25-38 year old white-collar women exquisite life.

allows customers to dress when they are romantic at work. Age is no longer sensitive. They are always the most beautiful group whether they are in the workplace or in a casual party. They interpret their sexy, relaxed or confused urban customs with their follow ups and elegance.

brand discount women's wear and contrast color match well will be very fashionable!

, for example, strong color matching:  

refers to two collocation which is far apart, such as yellow and purple, red and green, this color match is strong.   in the daily life of

, what we often see is the collocation of black, white, gray and other colors. Black, white and ash are colorless systems, so no matter what color they are with, there will be no big problems. In general, if the same color and white match, it will appear bright, and dark with black. Therefore, in the dress color matching should be measured first, you are to highlight which part of the dress. Don't mix the cool colors, such as dark brown, dark purple and black, which will bring the consequences of "grab the color" with the black, so that the whole dress is not focused, and the overall performance of the clothing will also be very heavy, dark and colorless.  

; black and yellow are the most dazzling  

collocation; collocation of red and black, very grand, but without losing flavor oh ~  style= "; font-family:

meixuan Jusco clothing Limited company "style= is a business women's discount brand, professional brand apparel inventory Weihuo wholesale discount company. At present, the customers of the service and supply touch the brand discount store, the name brand discount, the brand store and the boutique clothing store. The company supplies products, always adhere to the high-end line, Shenzhen goods, goods in Guangzhou led a second tier brand positioning of domestic and foreign well-known, compatible together Shanghai (Shanghai) . hangpai (Hangzhou) temperature send (Wenzhou) . Wuhan (Wuhan) .< span style= "font-family: Arial" > Beijing (Beijing) the same level of clothing brands, and the products covered by the spring and summer, autumn and winter season should be women, fashion, ladies and leisure - Ella Ying Ni,

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