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Bras processing factory, women's sports underwear manufacturer, once for WAL-MART underwear processing Attention degree:Zero

bra factory, sport underwear manufacturers look Yiwu seamless knitted underwear factory Eryou knitting, 17 years to do all kinds of seamless Ms. knitted bra, vest, sportswear and other products, has provided OEM OEM service for WAL-MART. 350 employees, 330 sets of imported equipment, production line, Nissan can reach 60000, with independent R & D capability, nearly 5000 square meters exhibition hall, a variety of sample selection, support to sample, to map or custom selection of underwear manufacturers. The products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Western Europe and other countries all the year.


bra factory, why women sports underwear manufacturers to choose Yiwu Eryou knitting?

1, underwear factory production strength, Italy existing equipment Eryou knitting underwear factory imported knitting machine more than 130, Japan more than 200 sewing machines, Nissan seamless underwear more than 60000 pieces, can meet the needs of your underwear factory production scale.

2, underwear factory R & D ability, Eryou knitting underwear factory had set up their own R & D team, the factory has thousands of square meters exhibition hall, 5000 variety of underwear style choice, but not the same every day in the launch of the new 8-10 models.

3; "to find Eryou knitting underwear factory, Eryou knitted seamless underwear factory support undertakets customization, but also to provide customized underwear factory sample, more convenient service for you.

4, if you need to supply underwear, Eryou knitted seamless underwear factory is 300 million pieces, novel style, fashion, support the day of delivery.


products through the detection by SGS, Shanghai Victoria, detection Germany Rhine certification! Eryou knitted seamless underwear factory through Woermayan factory, BSCI factory in Rhine, Germany certification and ISO9001 certification! It's a seamless underwear manufacturer that is worth your trust.


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