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for underwear manufacturers custom sports bra especially recommended to 17 attention to Ms. underwear custom Eryou knitted underwear manufacturers. You've been knitting for 17 years with only one thing, that's seamless lingerie, custom production, 17 years of export experience in lingerie. Eryou knitted seamless underwear production and processing the first half of the main production movement of foreign market demand processing bra, underwear, vest, etc; the second half of the domestic market demand of underwear manufacturers should be the main production and processing of thermal underwear, lace shirts, jackets. Knitting has its own R & D team, and 7 18 year senior designers have launched 8-10 new models. Hundreds of square meters of two showrooms, 5000 variety of sports wear bra, yoga clothes, ladies vest, thermal underwear and other exhibitions. Really provide you with customized underwear manufacturers. Take away your worries and worry your urgent need -- your knitting seamless underwear manufacturer is worth your trust!


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1. source thermal underwear factory, force manufacturer! 350 workers, 330 sets of imported knitting equipment, Nissan seamless underwear 60000 pieces, sufficient supply of goods, friends of knitting with conventional types of ladies underwear up to 3 million pieces, the spot shipped the same day. Direct source factory, save middlemen, give benefit to customers, so find seamless knitted warm underwear to your friend knitting, you choose not expensive, you choose must be drunk right.

2. years of export experience, the quality of Japan and South Korea, Western Europe, domestic prices! Eryou knitted seamless underwear factory 17 years of export experience, products exported to Japan, South Korea, Western Europe, the factory through Woermayan factory, BSCI factory in Rhine, Germany certification and ISO9001 certification! All kinds of ladies' underwear produced by our knitting company are exported to Japan, Korea and Western Europe for many years. The products meet the quality requirements of Japan and Western Europe. The products are passed the SGS test, Shanghai Wei Wei inspection, German Rhine certification, etc.! Trusted seamless underwear manufacturer.

3. service is guaranteed. Sales of clothing by Eryou knitting boss niangqin with team boss, directly under the management, to ensure your pre-sale, sale, customer service

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