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2018 IFF IFF Japan Tokyo International Fashion Exhibition (InternationalFashionFair) held at the same time: Japan International Apparel Brand Trade Exhibition -

Exhibition (1 years 2, April and September):

-     period: April 2018

"exhibition venue: Tokyo Big Sight;


on the introduction of the exhibition in Tokyo It is the capital of fashion, the capital of fashion design all over the world. Japan's total population of 130 million, Tokyo metropolitan resident workers reached about 30000000, more than one in four

; on the Japanese market of textile and apparel products, ninety percent are MADE IN CHINA; Japan in 2020 Tokyo will host the thirty-second Olympic Games

, will lead to rapid economic growth in japan. Japan Tokyo international garment exhibition

(IFF) by the Japanese textile and garment industry's most authoritative professional newspaper "senken news" newspaper sponsored by the Asian region is now the largest

in men's, women's and children's clothing, avant-garde fashion and fabrics, clothing bags shoes as one of the professional clothing exhibition, is Asia's clothing industry

recognition of the Asian apparel market "barometer", is the Asian clothing market is the most important market information center and trading places. In January 2014 twenty-ninth

exhibition attracted more than 1400 exhibitors from 29 countries and regions, more than 40000 professional visitors come to visit and negotiate trade exhibition, the effect is very significant

, exhibitors have a large number of orders. With the increasing of quantity to the OEM, processing production as the main purpose of participating exhibitors, the exhibition with the

Museum organized "international clothing brand trade exhibition, the exhibition special invited for counterparts in the clothing wholesalers, importers, large supermarkets, clothing stores and

clothing brand owners wait to visit and negotiate trade. As one of the largest exhibitions in Japan,

is the ideal window for Chinese garment manufacturers to expand their exports to Japan and investigate the

market of Japanese clothing market (IFF).

2018 will be held in the thirty-seventh Japan international fashion exhibition, this will be Asia's largest, with business as the leading large-scale

fashion show, the daily visits will reach more than 10000 people. From China, Japan and South Korea, Belgium, Austria, Czech, Finland, France, Germany, Britain, Greece,

in Italy, Lithuania, Holland, Luxemburg, Poland, Portugal, Belarus, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine

crane and other more than 30 countries, more than 1400 exhibitors will participate in the exhibition.

- exhibits:

- clothing and home furnishings - all kinds of women's, men's and children's clothing, casual wear, casual wear, wedding dress, evening dress, occupation dress, underwear, socks, fur, cashmere, down

household textiles, curtains, towels, cloth, cushion, pillow and accessories etc.

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