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Russian textile exhibition OK? /2018 Russia's textile exhibition / Shanghai / Russia Light Industry Exhibition from Russia / Russia / fabric exhibition clothing exhibition / Russia leather exhibition / Russian / European textile exhibition by which textile exhibition / Moss Moss / g g textile fabric exhibition exhibition / Moss / Moss g g fabric exhibition scarf show / exhibition / summer Moss grams of yarn 15021426202

  the fiftieth Russian textile and Equipment Expo exhibition time: March 2018


All-Russia Exhibition Centre

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, Eastern Europe, the largest and most influential international professional Textile Fair Russia international light

Textile Expo is jointly organized by the Russian government, Russia, the Russian textile group light industry group and its subsidiary company exhibition large international textile exhibition, Eastern Europe is the biggest and most influential professional textile exhibition. The exhibition is a member of the Russian Federation of exhibitions, has been certified by UFI (International Exhibition Union), enjoys a good reputation in the world.

has become an important channel for purchasing more than 10 professional buyers and understanding the market in Eastern Europe as well as throughout europe. In September last year, about 2000 enterprises from 27 countries and regions attended the exhibition. In the past, the professional audience came from 17 countries, and the number of each person was about 23000 people. The total exhibition area is nearly 40000 square meters. By participating in the exhibition,

enterprises will play an important role in expanding the Eastern European market and increasing the share of the international market. In order to strengthen the exchange and cooperation between the textile and garment enterprises in various countries, during the exhibition, the organizers will also hold seminars, trade seminars, commodity exhibitions and new fashion show and other colorful activities. In order to promote the Sino Russian cooperation in textile and garment industry, and gradually increase the formal development of bilateral trade between China and Russia, the two governments hope to have more strength and good reputation, have experience in foreign trade China textile and garment enterprises and Russian local enterprises to carry out extensive cooperation in trade.

two, exhibitors range and distribution (the infringement of intellectual property rights are strictly prohibited to sample exhibition hall

69,  ); clothing and clothing accessories Museum Hall of 15000 square meters

  clothing area: all kinds of men's, women's and children's clothing, sweater, jacket, small occupation wear, casual wear, casual family, down jacket, cotton padded jacket;

  apparel fabrics and accessories: different kinds of fabrics, buttons, zippers, tie, hats, gloves, socks, flowers, scarves, jewelry and other clothing  

75; integrated Hall - hall of 25000 square meters hall

A   in the clothing area: all kinds of men's underwear, lingerie, pajamas, home clothes, swimsuit, bathrobe, beanwear;


    garment district:       knitting: knitted garments, sweaters, sweaters, knitted gloves, knitted Jewelry, clothing accessories, yarn, such as socks;

          kids: Children's clothing, infant clothing, children's toys and supplies;

    leather bags, bags, all kinds of areas: shoe mold, shoe soles, leather shoes, leather belt, leather maintenance etc..

    textile equipment: fabric processing equipment, spinning, weaving, knitting socks a

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