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Far infrared shaping pants, supporting the breasts and abdomen sculpting vest, and corset factory Attention degree:Zero


this autumn and winter, let you not embarrassed, asked the chest, abdomen, hip only needs a corset is enough, special glue far infrared technology, let you not in that " thick ", can still be so" warm ".


far infrared tights, supporting the breasts and abdomen sculpting vest, corset factory and home, meet a lot of foreign trade, business needs, a lot of customers in Southeast Asia, need winter fitness suit, we provide a stable source of foreign trade business, to meet customer demand at home and abroad.



< span style= ";" font-family: font-size:14px >U type chest supporting design. Far infrared function point pattern with fabric fine lines, giving people a new feeling, which is bright and beautiful. Vest pants angle peace collocation, hips, abdomen, chest supporting, to female friends bring a beautiful line, the highlight is black, elegant, noble and prominent high-end, not only clothes.


hips. The abdomen, chest is always the key to female beautification, a corset in autumn and winter in your coat collocation, have more choices, vest advantage either with sweaters or plus scarves, but also highlights the chest, with colored clothing, especially in autumn, let your personality change, the same only the set of corset.


special" warm "

dispensing far infrared let you feel a little thinner than others, because it has the self heating function, plus a corset hip, abdomen, shaping, not only wear than being less, more significant.

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