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"VIEW EVER" is committed to becoming a vey fast fashion and fashion throughout the product brand, the pursuit of perfect stylish design and fabric quality, technological sense. VIEW EVER Kay have become the leading fashion consumers down women's brands, domestic well-known fashion brand. Fast fashion, a sense of the city, to the avant-garde personality, personalized cool style as the main body, the women's elegant and sexy fashion ingenious fusion, the formation of "VIEW EVER competitive vigh" style of the product line.

clothing collocation techniques for the world people what to wear skirt, you will dress skirt Tutu skill:

this fluffy skirt on the belly woman simply is the artifact, loose skirt to the maximum extent possible to cover your belly, do not see the slightest trace of fat, tightening the waistline can also show your waist curve, so you can stretch the whole body proportions, so this kind of skirt for girls, the stomach can not miss Oh!

on a small clothing collocation skill bellies what to wear skirt, Xiaobian for you to offer dressing skills:

    loose dress

this dress can not only cover the belly, even if you have chest waist, thigh fat, also be nothing difficult, even through the loose Dress can perfect for your body all the disadvantages but also can appear very petite and by age, so the world of girls must be prepared for such a dress for myself.

discount brand clothing, mainly engaged in domestic and international top brand brand discount discount women's, men's, children's clothing brand discount , Weihuo wholesale trade clothing, the company's own physical products exhibition hall"; font-family: 1000 square meters, warehouse 1000 square meters, wholesale stalls more than , Arial "> Support display hall or entity files to see goods on site. >," after many years of accumulation of " meixuan Jusco ", and the country has thousands of well-known brand manufacturers have established a good cooperative relationship. Operated by the company's " exchange; font-family:; font-size: 14px > Shenzhen Shanghai Guangzhou poly Hangzhou, a second tier brand, brand discount store the majority of the outlets, special brand stores, boutique clothing store, clothing store, Everfount provides stable and cost-effective hand Weihuo supply, is a trustworthy brand discount wholesalers! Welcome domestic and foreign customers to the company to inspect the " font-family:Calibri ">" font-family:! please search for" Jusco

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