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17 seamless underwear bra lady transport attention to custom processing services, you can also OEM OEM, but also support the spot goods wholesale. Our knitting is available in stock and all kinds of seamless knitting ladies and underwear are up to more than 300 pieces. On the same day delivery, support to factory site inspection.

bra factory, Yiwu women's underwear bra manufacturers, sports bra - Eryou knitting factory by Woermayan factory, BSCI factory in Rhine, Germany certification and ISO9001 certification! Products comply with Japan, Korea, Western Europe, the United States quality requirements, products through the SGS test, Shanghai dimensional test, Germany, Rhine certification!

support, sample customization, OME OEM processing, spot wholesale!


  16px font-size:; "17 years specializing in seamless underwear manufacturers secret, an exquisite lingerie can reshape you become a refined woman.


    no simple rims ladies bras, woven clothing products, from yarns highly flexible, let you in without oppressive feeling, make your wearing more comfortable, at the same time to give your life a bit more relaxed.


    Cher column width lace underwear, with thin material, smooth and comfortable, let the chest to breathe freely, without any the burden. Irresistible, charming, elegant and mysterious. Prepare for sports, sunshine and you.  

    Y shaped cross section word line of lingerie bra straps, smooth cup design, elegant and beautiful, let you enjoy the release of youth breath of sunshine.



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