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Yiwu underwear factory, 17 years of underwear manufacturers processing pants, seamless knitting underwear Attention degree:Zero

are you looking for the Yiwu underwear factory?" Is a factory that can really provide you with customized personalized underwear? Leclaire friends knitted seamless underwear factory! Yiwu friends knitting 17 specializes in seamless underwear manufacturers, specializing in providing customers with personalized ladies, seamless underwear, body shaping pants, sports bra, yoga clothing custom-made manufacturers. When it comes to underwear factory in Yiwu, we are not new, because the true strength of Yiwu underwear factory reflects, this is mainly concentrated in seamless underwear processing this piece. Underwear industry in Yiwu despite the rise of relatively late, but in the seamless underwear as the whole underwear processing industry in another branch, and other areas of traditional underwear, in the entire underwear processing industry is regarded as an up and coming star. Eryou knitted seamless underwear factory is to seize the opportunities of the times started from the knitting socks, after the transformation began production of seamless underwear, after 10 years of development, Eryou knitting has become a leader in the industry with Yiwu seamless underwear, walk in front of the same industry, leading the Yiwu seamless underwear industry development!

2000, with high quality, green environmental protection products are exported worldwide, mainly exported to Japan, Korea, Europe and other places, seamless underwear" Brahma Cher "series of products in strict accordance with the quality of the products comply with the European production requirements. 17 years experience in exporting seamless underwear!

seamless underwear styles: Eryou knitting existing 7 18 years experience in the design of seamless underwear designer, launched a new 8-10 every day, always walk in the forefront of the times, has been traveling underwear manufacturers imitation, but has never been surpassed!

Eryou knitting service: strong production capacity, equipment imported 330 units, 350 employees, Nissan 60000 pieces of shaping pants, sports bra, yoga suits and other series of seamless underwear products. Large goods production cycle is only 15-25 days!

underwear factory, the existing stock 300 over 10000 pieces, when the world single, the same day delivery, 7 days no reason to return goods.

3. Eryou knitted seamless underwear factory is "class a enterprise", the factory passed BSCI Rhine Germany , style=; font-family:; font-size:16px" >ISO9001 certification!

Eryou knitting, real for you to solve problems, to provide personalized on-demand seamless underwear factory! <

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