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Zhejiang Vatican Cher (Eryou knitting) 17 wholesale underwear, underwear, sports bra processing, sports bra production OEM OEM, the real strength of the underwear factory! 7 underwear designer, 10 number after patternmakers underwear. Taiwan, Nissan 60000, personalized on-demand service!

Yiwu underwear factory Vatican Cher (Eryou knitting underwear) sports bra production to simple and stylish, is famous for its exquisite quality, the development of underwear based products to the human body engineering, with personalized, user-friendly features, and popular international lingerie brands have cooperation, so the sports bra R & D and production processing Eryou underwear factory has been selling the world, exported to Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States and France.

in recent years, Zhejiang Vatican Michelle (Eryou knitting underwear factory) and open the domestic market, always adhere to high quality underwear product quality customer service, not for orders and orders, adhere to the same customers to maintain equality and mutual benefit, "

Zhejiang Vatican Cher (Eryou knitting) "underwear factory foreign trade city in the store window, a Alibaba store and enterprise network station in the network, allowing customers to quickly direct to Zhejiang the Vatican (Michelle Eryou knitting), eliminating the middleman, profit to customers!

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support spot wholesale, underwear factory now in stock 300 000, supply stability, support the day of delivery, 7 days no reason to return,

support to sample, to map custom, or underwear fac

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