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Underwear, seamless knitted underwear, the production of seamless knitting underwear manufacturers - Nissan 60000 Attention degree:Zero

17 years of experience in processing lingerie customization, Nissan up to 60000 pieces of lingerie. The main nylon, spandex, polyester, modal, AB yarn, cotton pulp, combed cotton, yarn, bamboo charcoal, bamboo fiber, silk, silk and other cold bud" font-family: : 5 /7 yoga clothes, sportswear, jackets, is a collection research and development, design, production. Processing and sales of underwear manufacturers, to support foreign trade order, also support domestic one generation. European quality, domestic price, Eryou underwear factory ever do export underwear, exported to Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States, France and other places, and now for the good of the seamless underwear products and services to the majority of domestic customers, also began to develop the domestic market, supporting the spot wholesale, underwear factory spot 3 million, faster delivery.

Eryou the seamless underwear underwear factory " Brahma Cher "series of products with" , azo, does not contain formaldehyde, color fastness in 4 level, products meet the export standards in Europe and america.

current; font-size:16px > "BSCI style=" font-family: Arial ">, Germany Rhine factory inspection certification.

SGS detection, detection, if the customer will Shanghai detection of other products, the product can provide the test report.

Eryou style= font-family:; font-size: 16px ); font-size: > 16px "style=" font-family: underwear factory: Jinhua city of Zhejiang province Yiwu Niansanli TONGBAOLU Industrial Zone No. 1389

Cher - Zhejiang Vatican Jinhua famous trademark "font-family:

< strong> contact ; Tel: 13777902292 span> Mr.

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