List of supply and demand business opportunities >Yiwu underwear factory, friends of knitted underwear bra processing plant, 17 years of production of sports breathable bra

Yiwu underwear factory, friends of knitted underwear bra processing plant, 17 years of production of sports breathable bra Attention degree:Invalid Access Limit

underwear factory which is better? Do underwear manufacturers which strong? Bra processing which good? Yiwu Eryou knitting underwear factory dedicated processing "Brahma Blanche" bras for 17 years, Italy imported 130 knitting machine Nissan reached 60 million, worthy of your understanding. Yiwu Eryou sports bra underwear factory is the green environmental protection material, has the functions of ventilation, sweat and other functions, from yarn to finished one-time molding, without sewing, so also has the characteristics of no seamless steel ring.

find underwear factory factory choose Eryou knitting to give you 3 can't refuse:

1, testing the safety of not less!

  years focused on all kinds of seamless underwear production processing factory, the Japanese products standards, exported to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Western Europe, France, WAL-MART, MACYS font-size:16px" >COSCO have worked. Underwear product raw material is using azo, formaldehyde free, salad at 4 above, Israel stands for raw materials and the listed company Huading company environmental protection raw materials processing and production, and production of underwear products are good needle machine ensure, prevent needle phenomenon.

  "font-size:16px; font-family: 2, underwear factory which is better? What about the scale of production?

  17 years Eryou knitting underwear factory covers an area of 20000< span style= "font-size:16px; font-family: Arial" > square meters, the introduction of Italy knitting machine sets of sewing machines imported from Japan Taiwan, the machine can open the Nissan 60000 pieces of products, can fully meet your requirements on the production capacity. Friends of knitted underwear factory has also been the Yiwu government as a growth enterprise.

    3, underwear factory which is better? What about the price?

    said underwear factory safety, production scale. So what is the price of knitted underwear factory? Friends of knitting underwear factory positioning is to provide you with personalized customized underwear manufacturers. You can visit the underwear factory, sampling or bring the sample according to the custom, OEM products, go home pric

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