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Wuhan clothing company is focused on series of design, production, sales, registered "Yanya" brand trademark, "Yanya" Sexy Lingerie is the Oriental women as the standard, tailored the taste underwear professional brand name. In the design, the company has a number of senior underwear design talents who are good at grasping the market information. According to the changes in the market, we can constantly design new and diversified products to meet the requirements of the customers. "Yanya" sexy lingerie. Class fabric production, style is graceful, colorful, exquisite workmanship, style, function constantly new. Style design not only integrates the avant-garde design elements, but also fully takes into account the unique characteristics of Oriental women. Make the oriental feminine sexy to the extreme. To create a Chinese sexy underwear brand suitable for Oriental women. The products are mainly made of soft and comfortable embroidery and lace. It's comfortable and sexy. It can fully show the feminine sexy feminine curves, 15007160961 Mr. Zhang.

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