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T-shirt, T-shirt, tailor made, advertising shirt, commemorative sweater, advertising cap, polo shirt, custom made. Attention degree:Invalid Access Limit

Beijing bamboo leaf Xuan Garments Co., Ltd. is a professional large-scale garment manufacturer integrating design, production, research and development and sales. Our company tailored all kinds of dresses, evening gowns, cheongsam, Tang clothes, clothes jackets, uniforms, professional clothes, suits, shirts, horses, yoga suits, down clothes, cotton clothes, sportswear, mountaineering clothes and ski suits. The clothes and costumes, such as windcoat, jacket, jacket, necktie, scarf, scarf, hotel uniforms, promotional clothes, aviation clothes, security clothes and other clothing and clothing, advertising shirts, T-Shirts, middle and high grade POLO, ball clothes, quick dry clothes, all kinds of clothing, baseball caps, advertising caps, aprons, blouses, pals, shirts, nonwoven bags, PP shopping bags, Cotton bags, Oxford bags, pillows, cushions, and all kinds of trinkets, cloth toys, etc. Can be customized according to the specific requirements of the customer, and can also provide silk screen printing, embroidery, hot painting, hot sublimation, hot gold, hot stamping, flocking, foaming and other various flower making technology. The products of our company are fine and excellent in quality. In addition, we have introduced a batch of four - needle and six - wire special machine, which can be used to process high quality yoga clothes, tight fitting clothes, quick dry clothes, infant clothing, and welcome materials processing and sample making. We solemnly promise: product quality problems to compensate for the same product; after sale service has been traced to customer satisfaction. We have been adhering to the "professional advice, first-class technology" for our duties, depending on ensuring "quality first, service priority" for the life of enterprises. A system of interlocking and assembling. For you to create a perfect and characteristic corporate image, so that every employee can fully reflect the professionalism of modern Chinese enterprises. Welcome to discuss and cooperate!

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