List of supply and demand business opportunities >Guangdong June rose invites you to share business wealth with healthy underwear pioneer.

Guangdong June rose invites you to share business wealth with healthy underwear pioneer. Attention degree:Invalid Access Limit



June rose to join support:

2 free supply store VI image design; Ont-size:14px ">3, the company provides part of free decoration support;

4, free distribution advertising products and display props;

5, free of charge to provide a comprehensive, professional series of training, so that you quickly into the American body underwear sales profit phase;

6, the company shuttle the irregular Commissioner to customers Between the


8, regular sales promotion activities to help distributors reduce inventory, reduce risk, ensure the stable development of the investors.


rose to join advantage in June:

1.2 billion, and has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, management foundation solid, healthy operation, capital real Strong, strong follow-up support for expanding the market;

2, first-class product research and development center, a powerful R & D institution, ensure the product is in the forefront of the market;

3, high quality four seasons product combination, the core product is main push, auxiliary product point terminal, promotion product heavy punches, selling p

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