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The ninety-seventh China needle and cotton products Fair (underwear fashion, home textiles exhibition) Attention degree:Please recharge

The ninety-seventh China needle and cotton products Fair (underwear fashion, home textiles exhibition)

organizer: China Textile Business Association

support unit:  , People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce;

organizer: Sino textile (Beijing) Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd.

exhibition time: March 12th -14 March 12th

exhibition venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center (Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 2345)

exhibition introduces

?       China Textile Trade Association will be hosted by China Textile Commercial Association, China Textile and circulation (Beijing) Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd., and the national Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM). It is the longest, largest and most influential professional event in the domestic underwear and home textile industry. A broad foundation and good reputation.

The main exhibitions in

include underwear, home clothes, socks, home textiles (bedding, towels, cool products, etc.) and related accessories. The Chinese Acupuncture Association is now scheduled to be held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre every spring. The exhibition area is 36000 square meters, with about 400 exhibitors. About 30000 visitors from all over the country visit the exhibition every year. The Chinese Acupuncture Association is also known for its high quality audience. In the audience, dealers from all over the country are the main body, and the retailers in various parts of the country are the bright spots. Each year, there are more than 1000 purchasing personnel from managers and supermarket chains from all over the country. Relying on the resources of the China Textile Commercial Association, the Chinese needle will show and promote the brand image of the company through the efforts of the underwear Committee, the household clothing Committee, the household summer cool supplies Committee, the market special committee and other branches. It will promote the brand image of the company, develop the market, establish marketing channels and launch new products. To solve the development direction of the industry, meet new customers, consolidate old customers, and communicate with peers, what you need is the direction of our efforts and the focus of our work. The Central Committee is also providing dedicated services to all audiences. If you are looking for the right product and brand, the needle will be your right choice.

in the needle, look forward to working with you hand in hand!

Competition in the

industry is becoming increasingly fierce, operating costs continue to rise, and enterprise inventory is piling up.

this is the best time. International policy is improving, consumer behavior tends to be rational, and market order is gradually standardized.

this is a desperate winter. From the rapid distribution of solid retail, to the rapid development of e-commerce, brand channels have been forced to experience several degrees of shuffling, driven by the third wave of industrial revolution, the whole industry has been involved in a huge storm of change.

this is a hopeful spring. After more than 60 years of inheritance, witnessing the change of the industry, the Chinese needle cotton textiles Fair (CKCF) was reinstalled in 2015 - - --- fashion interpretation, deep exchange, high end forum, authoritative release, to create a new full channel growth platform and lead the way of industry development.

fashion interpretation, trend interpretation

500 brand shows new and colorful brands. When new products are released in the first place, the fashion attitude, simple and simple lifestyle of the consumer groups in the new era are presented in all directions and perspectives.

deep communication, seamless docking

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