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"P > < span style =" font-size: large;"> Guangliangmao clothing, is a collection of development, design, production and sales in one, physical network sales and wholesale combination of clothing enterprises. With professional team, standardized supply process, efficient logistics and distribution mechanism, after seven years of ups and downs, now the sales network has covered the major cities in Hong Kong. The wholesale clothing: casual men and women's children's wear t-shirts, men and women's sweaters and pants women's dresses, cute cartoon children's wear sweaters, children's wear fashion. Checked shirts, boys and girls autumn and winter fashion Korean version of jackets, boys and girls autumn clothes and trousers, bottoming shirts and body pants and so on. Seasonal production wholesale is a sincere and pragmatic apparel production wholesale enterprise, looking forward to more cooperators come to discuss cooperation matters, support door-to-door Kanban pick up goods. Ordering goods online for delivery on the same day.

< p > < span style = "font-size: large; color: cc0000;;" > < strong > website address: style = "font-size: large; color: cc0000;" > contact: think < p > < span style = "font-size: large; color:\ cc0000;> strong > contact number: 123 large < p > col font-style > < p > large; Or: # cc0000; "> strong > contact < / strong > QQ: 46 < / span > < / P > < p > < span style =" font-size: large; color: # cc0000; "> strong > Company address: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Humen Town, Humen Road, the fourth floor of the harbour city across the Yellow River Fashion City < / strong > GLM508 < / span > < / P > < span style ="font-size: large; color:"< span style > strong < cc0000;"< color > Hot service throughout the country. Line: 400-997-2788 (toll free)

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