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Yiwu dome (Duo) Trade Co., Ltd. Attention degree:Four thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven

was set up in Yiwu in July 2010. Under the leadership of general manager Huang Peng, the office address is 3F, No. 5, building No. two of the 21 Street Electronic Commerce Park, Jianggan District Xiasha Economic Development Zone, Hangzhou city. The company has three Taobao shops, including dome dress store, MISS.R dress flagship store, dome home monopoly store, main women's shoes, women's wear and cross stitch.
    the company's female shoe brand dumoo (Duo mu) has formed a certain influence and has formed a multi-channel industry integrating design, production, supply and sales. Women's shoes Taobao mall has come out of its own style and road, ranking the top in the women's shoe mall. At present, dumoo women's shoes are sold in the Taobao mall, the station distribution, the station outside distribution, patting the commercial city, the Taobao good products, the group purchase, the international market and so on. The company has gone to the road of rapid development.
    in 2012, the company moved to Xiasha electronic business park, the office and the warehouse have carried out a greater expansion, the distribution of personnel in various departments is more meticulous, the supply of goods supply from sales to quality, to lay a solid foundation for the DUMOO brand.
    looking forward to the future of the future, the company has experienced from 8 people to Hangzhou to do e-commerce, never understand Taobao, because of the great opportunity for the development of China's e-commerce, and resolutely decide to enter this red sea, after 2 years out of a unique way of development, that is, by the dome, especially the general manager Huang Peng's personal charm and spirit of struggle, United a group of young and good students to learn to advance, and grope together. Although it has been difficult to create a career, I believe that under the leadership of general manager Huang Peng, the dome will be able to go to a better tomorrow.

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