List of supply and demand business opportunities

  • Sweater wanted
  • Sweater wanted   2012/1/6 5:33:43
  • Purchase: Sweaters, Quantity QQ pieces, Material: Wool, Nitrile Blend, Needle Type: 12G, Price: Factory according to market conditions and the production technical conditions of the enterprise self-quoted reasonable price and sample, order period: 120-150 days, dispatch documentary, every 30-45 days delivery, place of shipment: the factory is located near the port of China, cooperation is confirmed. Prepaid part of the deposit (20-30% of the total price) to the factory after the first payment, the factory acceptance, bills of exchange settlement, balance payment before shipment. Willing to cooperate with factories need to know the main specifications, models and technical parameters for reference, please contact us by telephone, or directly to our company for detailed discussion. [Detailed Information......]
  • Professional custom leather high end high end female leather shoes factory
  • Professional custom leather high end high end female leather shoes factory   2015/11/27 6:05:15
  • Guangzhou Hengli shoe factory has been focusing on the development and manufacture of medium and high grade fashion shoes for 10 years, following the trend of European fashion and focusing on the production of medium and high grade women's shoes. The factory has its own master, which can be developed by the master. Many years of shoe last, many sizes and size orders have been made to make high heels of various sizes and sizes. All kinds of women's shoes processing, fashionable women's shoes processing, batch of women's shoes processing, women's shoes processing factory   [Detailed Information......]
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